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Selection of stream after 10th is a headache for many. Are you also one of them? This article will answer all your questions about subject and stream selection after class 10th.
Students are mostly clueless and confused after CBSE 10th board exams. They lack proper guidance about the streams they should select. There are different parameters that must be thought over to select the correct stream for your senior secondary education. The foremost criterion is to opt the stream which aligns with your strength.

Many students have an inclination towards opting Science, even though we topped in social studies. So, opting for Arts would be a far better option than Science.

After 10th CBSE boards there are mainly 3 stream options to choose from- Science, Arts/Humanities and Commerce. These 3 streams are broadly differentiated as per there course structures and subjects, These 3 streams are described briefly below:

  1. Science: This stream is related to Engineering and Medical Studies. It has subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.
  2. Humanities/Arts: This stream is the widest of all the streams. It is related to education in subjects in Geography, Psychology, History, Sociology, languages, Human resources, Anthropology etc.
  3. Commerce: This stream is all about commerce, finance, trade and business marketing. If you have a strong financial abilities and mathematics then commerce is best stream for you.

 Below are the details and advantages of each stream and their prospects. This will answer almost all the question of which subject you should opt after your tenth boards.

 The most fascinating Science

Science has always been the most attractive choice among the students. It is one of the most subject to study, but it is not a kind of stream which you can study without interest. The main subjects in this stream are Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and C++. A student can select Non-medical and Medical, which is differentiated by biology subject. This stream is considered to be the toughest scoring stream of all. For every medical student Biology as a core subject is compulsory and for non-medical students Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

 Commerce for Business

Commerce field is about studying and learning subjects like business, trade, economics and finance. It is one of the most preferred streams of choice by the students who wish to embark the profession or career into, Banks or as an accountant in firms and MNCs. The subjects in this stream include business studies, Accounts and Economics.

The widest Study option-Humanities/Arts

As a student, if you are interested in social studies then this stream is perfect for you. With arts student gets to study Geography, Language, Literature, Journalism, Political Science and Mass Media. Humanities offer great career options. This field is perfect for students who aim for being an IAS officer or want to get into other civil services.

Selecting a stream after CBSE class tenth is an important question for every student that must be answered in a simplistic way so that a student can make a well-informed choice.

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